Our company was established in 2009. At the beginning, we delivered simple orders associated with cutting and engraving different patterns on a limited range of materials. At that time, our machinery consisted of just one Co2 laser.

Over time, Laser Studio Design began to expand the range of services both in terms of the complexity of implemented orders, as well as creating our own graphic designs. From the very beginning, we have attached great importance to the quality of delivered projects, whereas a good relationship with customers is our top priority.

In 2013, we expanded our capabilities by purchasing a very modern laser system, which uses a variety of innovative solutions and a wide range of replaceable attachments. This system is not only highly efficient and ultra-precise, but also enables the implementation of very complex projects.

Within five years, we have earned trust of such companies as Port Lotniczy Kraków-Balice, Sheraton Kraków, Ferrari Warszawa, Agencja Reklamowa Wenecja and many others.

Now, we are able to deal with the implementation of the most complex projects, including absolutely unique projects at the national level. Happy to satisfy the needs and meet the expectations of our customers, we continue to upgrade our technical facilities and improve our skills and qualifications to be able to offer new solutions and opportunities in the future.

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